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Flavouring systems

Slurry preparation

Slurry preparation 50WW

Homogeneous flavouring is extremely important for the overall quality of the product. The seasoning for direct expanded products is usually prepared in liquid form (slurry) - dissolved in oil or water, depending on the product. During preparation, the liquid medium and the flavour mixture are mixed according to the defined recipe. The various systems offered by Schaaf for the preparation of the slurry each comprise two double-walled vessels electrically heated. Both vessels are equipped with agitators to ensure uniform mixing of the ingredients and to prevent sedimentation after mixing in the storage vessel. The preparation vessel of the medium and large model also contains a special high-performance pump to pump the slurry into the storage vessel later.

The systems are characterized by easy cleaning, quick product changes and their hygienic operation.

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Application drum

For all extruded products, Schaaf recommends the use of horizontal drums which are slightly inclined towards the outlet of the drum

The variable speed of the drum allows adaption to a wide range of flavour application requirements for a variety of products in the same system - from savoury snacks, sweet snacks and breakfastcereals. The stainless steel design and easy access to the inside of the drum enable easy cleaning with warm water. This supports the implementation of the requirement for a hygienic processing environment.

Application drum

Dosage and application

Spray die

Schaaf offers the following volumetric dosing systems:

  • eccentric screw pumps (with adjustable drive) for sweet slurries without suspended solids
  • peristaltic pumps (with adjustable drive) for savoury suspensions

The application of seasonings should be uniform and constant during production. Schaaf uses variable special spray nozzles to distribute the slurries evenly over the largest possible product surface.

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