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Breakfast cereals

These products, based on cereals and manufactured with nutritional aspects in mind, are intended for consumption with milk, yoghurt or similar. Depending on market conditions, the products can be sweetened or supplemented with typical ingredients such as cocoa, honey, malt, etc. Children also like to consume these breakfast cereals as a sweet snack.

In contrast to many other production processes for breakfast cereals, extrusion technology makes it possible to process mixtures of different cereals such as oats, wheat, rice and maize. This makes it possible to produce products with particularly balanced nutritional properties. By selecting and combining the appropriate raw materials, special nutritional requirements of specific consumer groups can be taken into account. The diversity of raw materials makes it possible to bring healthy products onto the market, which at the same time - packaged in attractive forms - are accepted by children.

The sugar content can be adjusted according to the customer's wishes.

Basic equipment

This equipment can be used to manufacture the products listed below.

Pictures and Videos Breakfast Cereals

Liquid direct injection cereals

The two-coloured products can also be produced as sweet snacks or breakfast cereals.

In addition to the special TURBO processing tools, a special pump is required to inject the food colour into the high pressure zone of the extruder and a suitable die for shaping.

Machines necessary

In addition to the basic equipment, the following machines are required:

Pictures and Videos Liquid Direct Injection Cereals


An offshoot of this product group is marketed as a so-called granola/muesli mixture, consisting mainly of extruded products supplemented by nuts, raisins, etc.. Crispies in different shapes are also used in ice cream production, chocolate or muesli bars.