Specialty Products

From traditional product technologies to completely original product concepts

Schaaf has been at the forefront of extrusion technology in developing practical and easily manufacturable products that have an instant appeal for consumers. The attraction of these products is perhaps that they can be easily identified as traditional or known food products whilst having a certain novelty that makes the consumer wonder "how did they manage to make this product?!"

A special product might be a well-known product that is currently made using a process that has limitations in terms of investment, production capacity or perhaps a very complex production process. When a similar product can be manufactured using extrusion technology, it is termed a special product. It must be noted, however, that no alternative technology can ever duplicate the processes of another technology exactly. Products made using different processes will always reveal some differences between them.

Schaaf has developed a complete range of products with soft uniform textures. These products have a firm and crisp bite but are still soft textured. They are manufactured using a special combination of recipes and operating parameters compounded by special production steps, such as LDI (liquid direct injection) of water and/or oil in the processing section of the extruder.

We have also developed special chip-like products (with wavy surfaces) using a mix that includes multigrain components.

Schaaf has developed special variations of TURBO systems for making products with multiple colours and textures. Fluids/colours are injected into specially segregated dough streams in the processing section in order to obtain the multicolour/multi-texture effect in the product.

It is also possible to manufacture a wide variety of extruded products that constitute an ideal base for dragée-coated products. Extruded products can thereby form a wide range of cores for interestingly shaped dragée-coated products.

Schaaf has also successfully employed extrusion technology to manufacture replacement products for traditional local products, for example the "fried chana dal", a popular traditional snack product in India. This is a high-protein, lentil-based product.

The extruded product offers advantage in terms of -

  • Good taste despite of a significantly lower lentil content
  • Lower cost of product
  • Better balanced nutrition and hence better digestibility
  • The lentils are not fried and therefore healthier due to lower fat content