Research and Development

The full potential of cooking extrusion has still to be discovered. Hence the philosophy of the Product Development department at Schaaf is -
“There is always a lot to be done!”

Underlying principles of development work at Schaaf

  • Food products must be attractive visually in terms of shape, colour and appearance and sensorically in terms of texture and taste. Schaaf therefore continuously develops new product shapes and designs, either on its own or on specific ideas introduced by customers, to ensure that visually attractive new products can be introduced in the markets regularly.
  • The consumer often rejects “Processed Food” because of intensive “chemical processing” involved. Products, whose raw-materials are so extremely cleaned, that all taste components are lost and which must hence again be re-flavoured, have a negative market image. Hence Schaaf tries to develop products around native raw-materials with minimal “artificial processing”.

TURBO - A fine result of SCHAAF R&D

  • The oldest process of cooking food with the help of water and heat is a gentle food preparation method and the extruder can be described as a continuous cooker, which preserves and retains the natural qualities of the raw-materials to a great extent. The TURBO has manifoldly enhanced this basic quality of the extruder.

  • Economy must be a cornerstone of all development work, specially in the area of food, to ensure that it is affordable for the masses. “Processed Food” mostly involve elaborate and expensive raw-materials and processes. In many countries highly refined raw-materials, flavours and additives are not available or must be imported. With the TURBO extrusion process, it is now possible to produce attractive products very economically, using naturally available local raw-materials.

  • Ethnic Foods - “Different countries, different foods” - Though the flexibility of the TURBO becomes very apparent in the freedom of choice of raw-materials, even in the processing method, it allows the adaptation to local conditions and traditional eating habits to produce region specific products efficiently and hygienically.

Technology and Product Development Support for Customers

  • The entire Research & Development effort at Schaaf is ultimately focussed on providing direct and tangible benefits to the customers.

  • Schaaf’s strong base in Research & Development has always strengthened the confidence of customers in selecting Schaaf as their long-term partner for food-extrusion projects.

  • The customers have always benefited by receiving from Schaaf invaluable support in the form of know-how & technological solutions for various products. This has enabled them to often manufacture and offer a large range of high quality and attractive products without investing huge amounts of money in their own development facilities.

  • Schaaf’s long experience in development of new direct-extruded products, combined with in-house machinery design expertise, has ensured, that Schaaf customers are able to reap the benefits of new technology developments much ahead of their competitors in the market.