Flavouring Consistency Preparation systems

User friendly solutions with various flexibility options

Proper systems for preparing flavouring consistency that is compatible with the final desired characteristic of the product is essential; it guarantees the flavour of the product using minimal flavouring material, optimising the flavouring cost of the product.

How is the flavoring material prepared ?

A homogenous and uniform flavouring consistency is very important for ensuring a good overall product quality. Flavouring material is usually prepared as a fluid medium, either as fat or water, depending on the product design. Unlike fat-based flavourings, water-based flavourings require at least one drying step after the flavour has been applied. Flavouring is prepared by mixing together the fluid medium and the flavouring materials according to the set recipe. In order to ensure a homogenous flavouring consistency, equipment for heating and vigorous mixing should be provided in the preparation unit. Another similar unit is required to hold and feed the flavouring for the product, whilst a fresh batch is being prepared.
The various slurry preparation systems offered by Schaaf comprise 2 vessels, both of which are jacketed and electrically heated via thermo-oil. They are fitted with suitable stirring units.

Other advantages of slurry preparation systems include :

  • Temperature control of the flavoring using PID controllers.
  • Double walled, usually thermo-oil filled, indirect heating systems for gradual and uniform heating.
  • High speed turbo stirrer in preparation kettle for quick mixing of components.
  • Low speed stirrer in holding kettle to avoid component separation and salt sedimentation.
  • A high capacity transfer pump in the preparation kettle can be used for recirculation and also for transferring the flavouring quickly and completely into the holding kettle.
  • Full stainless steel construction of the systems ensures easy and proper cleaning, thus guaranteeing hygienic operation.
  • Special CIP designs available for slurry preparation systems.

M/c no. Unit Name Application for Nominal Capacity Remarks
333 Slurry prepn.sys 100E Fat based slurries Vol. 2x80l Basic preparation system
338 Slurry prepn.sys 200E All std. slurries Vol. 2x80l Addnl. heating provided
322 Slurry prepn.sys 300E All std. slurries Vol. 2x150l Universal system
353 Slurry prepn.sys 500E All std. slurries Vol. 2x250l Universal system-high cap.