Online 3D-Showroom

Welcome to our online showroom. We have prepared a lot of relevant information for you. For example, you can:Schaaf

  • move freely within the rooms
  • inspect extruders and production lines, get their 3D-detail views and turn in any direction you please
  • open the door to production line showroom with your personal access code
  • start the systems and produce virtual shapes
  • take data-sheets and leaflets from their displays, turn the pages or download them as PDF
  • start the Tablet-PC
  • send messages
  • get recipes
  • view our shape-gallery
  • get our contact information


Start the applikation!



  • The arrow keys Pfeil nach oben,Pfeil nach unten and Pfeil nach links Pfeil nach rechts of your keyboard control your movements.
  • Right click and keep clicked directs your view.
  • Function element:if Mauschanges to Hand (and the surface colour changes),you can call a function by clicking the left mouse-button
  • Pfeil nach unten,esc or click on the Close-Button on the right returns from actual detail-view or function.


TIPP: To get a feeling for the application and the kind of move "tread lightly" by pressing the arrow keys only in short intervals.

Flashplayer This application requires an actual version of Flash-Player