The most curly snack ... in the world?

Extruded snacks are eaten all over the world, the most famous and rather the most consumed extruded snack are curls. Here Consumers and people from marketing or quality control have endlessly ideas how the ideal CURL should look like: airy soft or compact crusty, thin or the most possible thick, some companies prefer the curls to be the most possible straight, whereas others prefer just e slight bending or think a semi-circular curl is the ideal one.

We have asked ourselves the question: how intensively can a curl be bended?

By using specifically controlled, inhomogeneous dough temperatures in our Turbo process part, we think that we have rather come very close to the maximum - called “extreme curl”.


Besides very soft curls - like products made from maize, crispy crunchy stripes variants from potato mixes can also be manufactured:


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