„Hot Dog“ – the youngest multi-colour product made on Schaaf Turbo Extruders

Based on the LDI colour injection technique Schaaf has created a very attractive hot dog shape that got very popular after its presentation within a short time. The product has been available since the Interpack fair 2014.

Liquid (low viscous fluids as e.g. water, vegetable oil etc.) is injected into the TURBO chamber with 60-100 bar injection pressure concerning the liquid direct injection.

For the manufacture of two-coloured “hot dog” products the mass-flow is separated into two dough streams in the extruder process part. With the help of a high pressure pump a coloured fluid is injected in one of the dough streams (LDI technique). In order to prevent a mixing of the dough streams in the extruder, they are combined again just shortly before the die outlet. Certainly one of the most beautiful extruded two-coloured products.

Hot Dog

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