Greater Freedom when Producing Extruded Spirals

Until now, there was only a particular production process that could be used to produce extruded spirals,
and that process functioned only with a restricted choice of raw materials and a limited number of textures.

An innovation from Schaaf Technologie now makes it possible to create spiral-shaped extrudates, the basis for many different savoury snacks, from a wide range of raw materials in a broad variety of textures.  

In addition to corn, the most common raw material for direct extrusion, the spirals can also be made from other interesting and tasty raw materials, such as potatoes, wheat or rice. Furthermore, pulses and beans can be used to adjust the taste to local preferences. The addition of other fibre-rich raw materials opens up multiple possibilities to enhance nutritional aspects.

In technical terms, the hardware for producing extruded spirals is a further development of the 3D cutting procedure patented by Schaaf. An expanding continuous strand emerging from the extruder is partly cut by one or more knives at defined intervals. This cut must be precisely positioned and timed, as it is the basis for shaping the spirals. After this partial cut, the extruded strand is drawn onto a belt.
In addition to that, adjustable settings of the belt's speed allow for a variety of spiral shapes before the continuous strand is finally cut in a cutting machine and pneumatically conveyed to the drying area.

After the product is extruded and cut into pieces, it is dried to a certain level of moisture in order to prolong the product's shelf life. With its infrared drum drier, Schaaf offers more than an efficient method for drying; various toasting and roasting options can further improve the taste of the product.
To round off the taste of the dried extrudate, spices that have been suspended in grease are evenly spread onto the product's surface.

The coated, ready-to-eat spiral-shaped extrudate can then be packaged immediately.

The future: Schaaf's product development department is currently working intensively on transferring this new technology to the production of sweet snacks and cereals.

This would introduce the interesting and attractive spiral shape into a new market segment while also allowing the production of spirals from a wide range of other raw materials, especially grain blends designed for the cereal market.

Author: Jörn Jacobs Fachjournalist (DJV), IHW Marketing

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