Portioning and mixing the extrusion components:

Portioning various extrusion mix components according to a specified recipe can be performed automatically using sophisticated screw dosing systems programmed using a central control system. This is ideal for automatic operation in production systems that are dedicated to a single product.
Where a number of components are to be used in every mix, however, and if a wide range of products with largely varying mix compositions are to be manufactured, we recommend manual weighing of the individual components for maximum flexibility. The portioned components are fed automatically or manually into the horizontal batch mixer for vigorous mixing.

The Schaaf batch mixers feature -

  • Special design to ensure uniform mixing and minimize dead zones.
  • Option for addition of water to the dry-mix in a pre-measured quantity.
  • Full stainless steel construction for hygienic operation.

The mixed raw-materials are buffered in silos to ensure continuous supply of material to the subsequent units whilst a new batch of materials is mixed in the batch mixer.