Heinz Schaaf"Bureaucracy is not for me", said a person who truly believed in being practical.
Heinz Schaaf (1927-2000), Company founder

Elisabeth Schaaf"Everybody must feel being a part of it. That is the basis for successful work in an organization."
Elizabeth Schaaf
the motherly soul of the organization, ensuring unity and dependability

Heinz-Josef Schaaf"Visions must always precede new discoveries. They are the wheels of progress."
Heinz-Josef Schaaf, New technology and Product development
The voice for progress and customer satisfaction

Annette Schaaf"I try to bring spare parts and service to the customers faster than the delivery notes and invoices !"
Annette Schaaf, In charge for Order processing

Wilfried Schaaf"When my brother decides to fly above the clouds of creativity, I must always pull him down a little."
Wilfried Schaaf, Engineer and chief-designer
Ensuring stability, long life and robust quality of the products

Patricia Schaaf"One should know how to do magic with figures too. I am the link between the revenue department, the bank and the auditors"
Patricia Schaaf, Accounts and Financial Control

Kai Schaaf"I will transform your inquiries into an adequate quotation"
Kai Schaaf, sales
3. Generation

Kai Schaaf"3D information- and data processing within this company are my world."
Manuel Schaaf, machine design and IT
3. Generation