Optimal combination of flexibility, functionality and reliability

Basic features of Schaaf extruders:

  • Basic design developed and refined through over 20 years of experience in both machine and product development.
  • Welded frame construction in stainless steel covered with stainless steel cover sheets for excellent hygiene and long structural life.
  • Generously designed special main bearing system with incorporated lubrication system for long and trouble free operation.
  • Complete internal power & control cabling for easy installation at final site.
  • Incorporating safety measures as per latest international norms.
  • For use with standard Schaaf processing elements - screw, sleeve, TURBO and die systems. Screws and sleeves made out of special materials and incorporating design features for excellent wear resistant properties.

All extruder models are based on Schaaf’s patented TURBO extrusion technology, providing major improvements in operation of machine and product control besides advantage of lower wear parts cost.

Some special features:

  • The Drive - The main drive in most models is a variable speed drive featuring a combination of - Digital Drive and a Brushless Motor. For specific applications optimised fixed speed drives with 3-phase motors can also be provided. The motor ratings have a range of 30 kW to 90 kW and are controlled by drives with corresponding ratings, depending on the extruder model.
  • Drive transmission - The movement of the motor is transferred to the screw with the help of special multi V-belt and pulley system to get maximum transmission efficiency even under adverse high-torque conditions.
  • The bearing system - The bearing system consists of a special combination of radial and axial bearings to provide best counter-support for the screw even at high load at high speed conditions. Most models of extruders feature forced lubrication systems with oil-pressure sensor for bearing safety.
  • Cooling system - A complete water cooling system is provided for cooling of the inlet ring zone. The switching of the water cooling system is controlled automatically by sensing the temperature at a predefined point in the processing zone.
  • Material dosing - The material feeding is carried out with the help of one or more high accuracy, volumetric double-screw dosing systems driven by variable speed drives. Gravimetric feeding systems are offered optionally.
  • Product cutting - The die-cut products are cut at the die-face using a specially designed cutter unit with interchangeable blades. The special die-face mounting design of the cutter unit provides flexibility of use with different die-systems and prevents problems due to differential expansion between cutter and die. The cutter is driven by a variable speed drive.
  • Control System - In most models the complete control of the machine is done with the help of a PLC based control system with an integrated operator consol on the panel displaying all relevant operation parameters and providing all necessary control elements for controlling the operation of the different components of the machine.

Process Control & Displays:

  • Three basic control panel options available for the extruders -
  • Full computer based control (Option A)
  • Control panel segregated from power panel (Option B)
  • Control panel integrated with the power panel (Option C)
  • Drive features like speed feedback, electronic over-current protection for drives and thermal protection for motors are provided wherever required and feasible.
  • Wherever possible, display and control elements for all units operationally integrated with the extruder are included in the extruder control panel for ease of operation.
  • Display and control elements for operation usually include (may not be available in all models) -
  • For Main drive - ON / OFF, speed regulator, speed and torque display, overload and overheat alarms.
  • For dosing units - ON / OFF, speed regulator, speed and torque display, material level indicators / alarms.
  • For cutting unit - ON / OFF, speed regulator, speed and torque display, overload / blockage alarm.
  • For integrated liquid dosing units - ON / OFF, speed regulator
  • For processing zone - Display of temperature at different points of processing zone.
  • General alarms for - Drive faults, lubricating oil pressure failures, Alarms for safety covers not in place etc.

Popular Models and Capacities:

Model nos. Are typically in the form W-X-Y-Z, with W indicating main drive rated power, X indicating control panel type, Y representing process section dimension and Z representing motor type.

Extruder Model Nominal Capacity (kg/h)
30-C-6400-DC 125
35-C-6400-BL 150
60-C-9250-DC 250
60-B-9250-DC 250
60-C-9250-BL 275
60-B-9250-BL 275
60-A-9250-BL 275
90-C-1200-DC 450
90-B-1200-DC 450
90-C-1200-BL 500
90-B-1200-BL 500
90-A-1200-BL 500

Note: Specifications are subject to change without any notice.