Die Systems

Shapes, shapes...and more shapes !

Food extrusion is often described as more of an art than a science. Nowhere is this art more visible than in the designing of dies for direct expanded products. The sign of a good die is not wether it can make the desired shape, but wether the end product has such accuracy and detail that it is immediately recognisable by everybody!

To create an effective die design, it is necessary to fully understand every single aspect of the flow and behaviour of the material in the extruder up to the point that it reaches the die opening and even thereafter. When it emerges from the opening, it expands and assumes its final shape in a dynamic manner and in an incredibly short amount of time.

It therefore comes as no surprise that those familiar with extrusion are often able to identify a product made from a Schaaf extruder simply by its quality of form !

Die cutting    

We currently have over 200 different ready die systems and this number increases year upon year. Our die systems can produce a wide range of products with various shapes.

  • Basic shapes, such as curls (flips), balls and rings as well as shapes like wheels, grills, discs and many more
  • Special shapes, such as 3D shapes and more intricate forms like filled pipes (to be made into co-extruded pillows) etc.